• Do you deliver rolled or pressed profile according to my proposal?

After sending the drawing, we can prepare an offer according to your specification.

  • How thick are the produced steel rolled or extruded profiles?

Our technology allows us to produce steel rolled profiles in the thickness range from 0.6 mm to 2.5 mm

  • What is the minimum order quantity of rolled or extruded profiles?

The minimum quantity is 1,000 m from one type of profile, with a sampling tolerance -200 m/+ 400 m. This minimum quantity is given by the used production technology, intended primarily for large-scale production.

  • What is the delivery date of the ordered profiles?

Standard delivery date is two to three weeks from the order. If special profiles (atypical, perforated) are required, the date as agreed on with the customer.

  • What technology is used to make the profiles?

The profiles are produced by the technology of cold-forming, extruding, and longitudinal laser welding for welded profiles. It is possible to produce different types of perforated profiles if necessary.

  • What types of profiles are produced?

Profiles are made as open or welded, with the possibility of different perforating and various lengths according to the customer.

These are particularly the reinforcements for plastic windows and doors for different kinds of systems on the market, such as Gealan, Salamander, Internova, Deceuninck, Veka, etc. We also make the profiles for different uses: furniture hardware, supports for rack systems, supports under solar panels, doorframe profiles, rails form distribution board cabinets, posts for wine-growing and orchards, reinforcements for security and safe technology and other various types of profiles and extruded parts according to the customer requirements.

  • Is there a catalogue of produced reinforcements available?

No, because all types of profiles are made to order according to the individual customer requirements.

  • Can you ensure the delivery at the place of destination?

Yes, because we have our own fleet of trucks, we can ensure the delivery of goods directly to the place defined by the customer if required.

  • Has your company implemented a quality assurance policy?

Yes, given that we are in possession of a certificate of quality management pursuant to ISO 9001:2008 and several customer quality certificates.

Moreover, we listen carefully to the incentives for improvement from customers which we subsequently seek to integrate into the processes.

  • How many years have you been on the market?

CD – profil s.r.o. has been on the market since 1994. Over time, the company has developed into one of the leading suppliers of rolled and extruded profiles.

  • How does your company approach environmental protection and efficient use of resources?

Health, safety and environmental protection, energy conservation and sustainability of resources are an integral part of the CD – profil s.r.o. company management strategy. We pay increased attention to creating safe and healthy working conditions, improving the environment, we strive for maximum use of resources and energy, apply the principle of precaution and responsible care the means of which are contributing to ensure sustainable development.