Mother Centre Zornička

The purpose of the mother centre is to help women on maternity leave to find consistency between how to be a good mother while ‘not leaving’ their social life. 

Naša stonožka n.o.

It is a private kindergarten where children expand their knowledge, abilities and skills through experiential learning. Therefore, the children are perfectly ready to enter elementary school.

Slovak Tourists’ Club Liptov – National Climb on Kriváň Mountain

National climb on the Kriváň Mountain is held annually in August along marked trails from Tri studničky (‘Three Wells’) and Jamská Tarn. 


Civic association ZATÚLANÝ CHLPÁČIK (‘Stray Dog’) – Dog Hope was founded in 2011 to provide temporary care for stray, abandoned, lost and abused dogs and cats.

In addition to the care, they actively work on finding the original owner or a new home. The aim of the association is to prevent the uncontrolled breeding of dogs through castration.